I was born in the image of the population of Mauritius: mixed with a Mauritian mother and a Swiss father. I grew up in Geneva with a Mauritian education. I worked in the business world before becoming a HES-S2 nurse in 2007. I had the plan to do humanitarian work following my training in care, but life decided otherwise. In 2017, A.M.OR came to me as if my youth project had not forgotten me. Representing AMOR Mauritius / Mauritius is more than a challenge for me, I want to be able to offer Mauritian childrens / orphans what my parents have taught me: whatever means you have, in which environment you were born, Make sure you fulfill your dreams.

Madame Corine Marguerite Matringe, Présidente A.M.OR Ile Maurice/Mauritius

Un enseignant Suisse volontaire pour A.M.OR-Ile Maurice

Partenariat avec AirMauritus