Our use of ECOSOC

Our duty is to represent the civil society and to work on developing sustainability in the heart of the United Nations.

You will find here different articles written by ourselves on the conferences we assisted.




10 th anniversary of Africa Progress Panel, 4 th December 2017 in Geneva Switzerland

The conference on 4th of December took place from the Graduate Institute in Geneva. The panel included members such as Kofi Annan, Michel Camdessus, Olusegun Obasanjo and Peter Eigen, they all shared their views on the progress made over the last decade and the work to be done in the coming years. The discussion amongst the members of the panel outlined the key opportunities and challenges Africa faces at is attempts to realize the Sustainable Development Goals. In order to create...


Attending the committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, 68th Session

The session took place with the Kenyan Delegation. Where a series of questions we’re asked by NGO’s and other bodies in Geneva through a video call with the United Nation’s office in Nairobi. The focus was on the discrimination against women within Kenya. The following main points were discussed during this session. Constitutional and legislative framework and the harmonization of laws in Kenya. What this aspect covered in the discussion was that there was “concern that courts...


Diplomatic council – Global Think Tank

The conference consisted of a panel of three speakers. Each covering a different theme. The first was on internet safety.  Followed by the code of trusted public communication and lastly a theme more focused on diplomacy and policies, in which the example mentioned was about North Korea. The first theme on internet safety by a German organization WhiteIT an organization focused on protecting children from the misuse of internet. Projects included “trauma therapy”, “fighting child pornography” and...


Third session of Contribution to the Open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights

Businesses of all kinds are a vital party of society, but it must be recognized that powerful private sector actors can have negative as well as positive impacts. As the Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité ( CIDSE ) mentioned in its brochure “There is a strong demand from communities on the ground for urgent international action to tackle the flagrant imbalances in power between transnational corporations and people and ensure protection of human rights.” The CIDSE consistently calls upon states to inform...