Gala 2019

Our gala evening November 8, 2019

Your contribution will help the ones in need !

Our Mission

The Association Mondiale pour les Orphelins (A.M.OR) was founded by an orphan.

Since its creation on the 7th January 1999 in Geneva, the Association has led several projects for orphans, HIV positive people, women and others in need.

. In May 2017 the Association has been granted ECOSOC consultative status.

Inspire Orphans

We believe that education is at the core of progress for any society and individual. Thus we aim to invest in youth and empower them to prepare them for the future.


HiTech4Orphans is our new project in Romania which aims to help orphans acquire basic Information Technology and Programming skills.


FESTIAMOR is a series of public events which intend to bring happiness and inspiration to orphans. Through sponsorships and donations, orphans received computers, books, and other useful items to encourage learning and wellbeing.

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